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"Ich bin fasziniert vom unperfekt perfekten Alltag

und liebe es, die Zwischenmomente bildlich festzuhalten, um damit zu mehr Urvertrauen und Lebensfreude zu inspirieren."

"Capturing emotional pictures with my camera is for me thinking in all my

senses - with all my passion - because in this moment the past and the

future are lost in the here and now."

My passions:

People in natural & urban environment
(Portraits | Family Shootings | Kids in action | Outdoor Shootings)

Simply pure natural familylife Photography - Family Real Everyday Documentary Photography

Just as it is as a family with small children: sometimes chaotic, messy, funny, tender, sad - but always real!

Events & Projects
(Company events | Gastro | Musicians | Yoga)

(Travel photography & countries and cultures)

I am a freelance photographer out of passion. Through my training / further education in the artistic field (Photo Academy / School of Art and Design, Zurich) i was inspired to start my own "Spiral-Photo-Atelier"

"Spiral" because, since my first trip to Australia, the symbol of the spiral fascinated and inspired me. (= the spiral is an ancient sacred symbol of ancient cultures for spirit, growth, development, energy, sun, harmony with body-spirit-soul etc. ... )

"Staying in the river", moving, developing ... at various specialization workshops (eg in People Photography at | | | Wedding- & Newbornphotography at www, i have continued to inspire and educate myself.

Now i'm looking forward to many more moments when the past and the future are lost in the eye-sight ... Maybe also together with you?

Do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to work with me.

Let's be creative together and enjoy the moment when the past and future are lost in the here and now.

Petra Eigenmann


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