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Family Real Everyday Documentary Photography

Each family is unique and has its own rhythm and its own language. The family life sometimes is  chaotic, messy, funny, tender, sad but always real.

My passion
is to capture the little moments of the everyday life for you. Without poses, without stress. Simply pure natural life, just as it is as a family with small children.

With pleasure I accompany you and your family a few hours, or a whole day at your home. This can be from the awakening of the little ones, having breakfast, enjoying the playground visit, or even rain walks or forest huts I like to accompany with my camera.

Everyday chaos of your family are my favorite moments, in which past and future are lost in the "here and now". As a mother of two - now already teenie boys - I look back with a smile to this time when sheets became castles, from the potato stalk in the plate a dwarf landscape and the pants certainly did not stay clean during the walk in the woods.

Do you feel like having your own family story in pictures?

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Miriam Gosteli


Meine allewärmste Empfehlung - falls du eine Website aufbauen möchtest und Hilfe dazu brauchst.

Sie zaubert soo tolle und magische Homepages, ich durfte schon bei einigen die Fotos dazu erstellen...

Übrigens... Mirjam zaubert noch viel viel mehr... seht selber auf Ihrer Homepage

Spiral-Photo-Ateleri und Aperolino


... bringt deinen Appetit ins Rollen... 

Foodtruck - mobile Bar - ApéroWägeli

D Mama Luna vom aperolino isch nid nur Catering ... si isch Lebensfreude und Inspiration pur und zaubered eui di genialschtä Köstlichkeite zu eurem Aalass!! 

Immer wieder soo schön, mit ihre zäme 
amä Alass törfe gemeinsam Mänsche Freud macht! Sie mit ihrne Köstlichkeiten, ich mit dä Erinnerigä zum Aalass...

Am einfachstä isches, ihr bueched euis grad zämä...

HIER äs paar wittere Iidrück zum ganze Aalass...


Herzpartner Spiral-Photo-Atelier
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